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I recently purchased a spider from monkey Exotic And Home Pets, and I couldn’t be happier. The process was smooth, and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. My monkey arrived healthy, well-socialized, and full of energy. I highly recommend this store for anyone looking to add a unique pet to their family.

Rosy Wilma

I bought a pair of marmosets from Exotic And Home Pets, and the experience was fantastic. The customer service was excellent, and they answered all my questions promptly. The marmosets were healthy and quickly adapted to their new home. The only minor issue was the shipping delay, but overall, I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

Morel R.

Exotic And Home Pets exceeded my expectations! I have a beautiful finger monkey, and it’s the friendliest I’ve ever had. The store provided detailed care instructions and has a great selection of monkey supplies. I’m thrilled with my new friend!

Nina Jackson

My Mia is not just a monkey, she is my world. I love her so much. We appreciate Exotic And Home Pets. she only cost us $1200

Elizabeth J

My name is Amelia and my family is really excited to welcome our new African Grey. my kids love her so much 

Levis Nickson

I recently bought my first young Macaw Parrot. We are thrilled because we adore Bella. Exotic And Home Pets gave birth to the most adorable, well-adjusted child I could have dreamed. My kids adore Bella, and our new baby is settling in nicely to her new home. As a veterinarian, I cannot recall dealing with a breeder that is more forthright, honest, and considerate to his animals. I would not think twice about recommending you to those who love animals.

Anthony Pickford

Lucia, our baby, was adopted by us back in December 2023. She is the love of our lives and wonderfully stunning. Lucia has recently alleviated my husband and I’s anxieties after the failure of our previous two Fennec. She has an attitude and a joy of life that are simply unfathomable. He is my favorite running partner because I run frequently. She goes and gets my shoes and leash. We owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the great addition you made to our family. I give your service a star

Angela Colli

Exotic And Home Pets gave us the finest gift conceivable. The entire process from beginning to end was incredibly wonderful, and we still keep in touch. Our squirrel monkey was the ideal pet monkey and has since developed into the most devoted, laid-back, and attractive capuchin monkey we could ever want for.

Bob J

Amazing service and top-quality animals. I purchased a capuchin monkey, and he’s been a wonderful addition to our home. The staff at Exotic And Home Pets were very knowledgeable about exotic pet care and provided all the necessary information to ensure a smooth transition. Highly recommended!

Alva. S

We recently bought a pair of marmoset monkeys, and they are adorable! The staff was very supportive and answered all our questions about their diet and habitat. The monkeys were healthy and active upon arrival. My only complaint is that the website could be a bit more user-friendly. Otherwise, great experience!

Keline T